Inside Story Americas – US vs North Korea: A potential crises?

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Published on Apr 3, 2013

When Kim Jong Il was succeeded by his son in December 2011 any hopes of an improvement in relations between North Korea and the US were soon dashed. The announcement of plans to reopen the Yongbyon nuclear complex is just the latest move in an escalation of aggressive actions by both Washington and Pyonyang over recent months. At the weekend North Korea announced it was entering a ‘state of war’ with the South. Earlier in the month Pyonyang affirmed it is right to launch a ‘pre-emptive nuclear strike’ on the US.

Daughter of Dictator Wins South Korea Presidency

Park Geun-hye waved to supporters after she was declared the winner of the presidential election on Wednesday in Seoul.

SEOUL, South Korea — Park Geun-hye, the daughter of South Korea’s longest-ruling dictator, was elected president on Wednesday, the first woman to win the post.

Voters appeared to prefer stability and “motherly” leadership over her opponent’s calls for radical change in how the country addresses economic inequality and military threats from North Korea.

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Photo Credit: Kim Hee-Chul/European Pressphoto Agency

North Korea Rejects Offer of Aid From South Korea

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SEOUL — North Korea on Wednesday rejected a South Korean offer to send it humanitarian aid, scuttling earlier hopes of easing tensions between the two Koreas.

South Korea made the offer Sept. 3. On Monday, North Korea told South Korea that it was ready to discuss it and asked what the South planned to provide and how much. That raised hopes that the two governments might resume dialogue after years of tension.

The North has repeatedly refused contact with the government of President Lee Myung-bak.

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