Dennis Rodman Defends BFF Kim Jong-Un

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US soldier shot by S Korean police during car chase

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An American soldier was in stable condition Sunday after being shot by South Korean authorities during a late-night car chase, police said Sunday.

According to Seoul’s Yongsan Police Station, police received calls shortly before midnight Saturday that two American soldiers, including the injured, were threatening civilians with an air gun in the multicultural district of Itaewon.

The two U.S. soldiers were approached by Seoul police near Itaewon Station, but they refused to identify themselves and fled in a vehicle, leading to the car chase through the capital city.

When they came to a dead end in southeastern Seoul, police fired off a warning shot and three rounds of bullets as the vehicle tried to rush through police officers despite warnings.

The car’s driver was hit by one of the bullets and another officer was slightly injured in the process, according to police.

The soldier, only identified by his rank of private first class, is currently receiving treatment on his upper body at a U.S. military hospital in Seoul and is in stable condition, according to officers.

In the process of fleeing, the servicemen damaged other cars, prompting officers from other stations to rush to the scene.

Police said they identified the soldiers with their vehicle license plate number and called them to appear before officers for questioning by Monday. Yonhap


One of the Yongsan police officials said police believe the two servicemembers were drunk. However, initial tests for intoxicating substances did not indicate the presence of alcohol, according to an Eighth Army statement. Stars and Stripes

Guns are banned in South Korea, where only police and the military are allowed to carry them. U.S. troops conducting off-base patrols no longer carry guns following a July 2012 incident outside Osan Air Base in which town patrol members handcuffed South Korean civilians during a dispute over an illegally parked car. Stars and Stripes

The U.S. 8th Army in the area reportedly offered an apology and vowed to cooperate in the investigation. AFP

About 28,500 U.S. troops are stationed in South Korea. Crimes or disputes involving the U.S. troops are a sensitive subject in South Korea. AFP

US criticizes NK for wining and dining Dennis Rodman

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WASHINGTON – The U.S. State Department is criticizing North Korea for “wining and dining” visiting ex-National Basketball Association star Dennis Rodman while its own people go hungry.

Spokesman Patrick Ventrell Friday distanced the U.S. government from Rodman’s visit to Pyongyang this week and his praise for the nation’s leader Kim Jong Un and his predecessors.

Rodman departed the country Friday, calling Kim an “awesome guy.” He watched a basketball game with the authoritarian leader Thursday and later drank and dined on sushi with him.

Ventrell told reporters that North Korea has a horrific human rights record, possibly the worst in the world.

He said, “You’ve got the regime spending money to wine and dine foreign visitors, when they should be feeding their own people.”

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South Korea’s highest court upholds US soldier’s conviction, sentence

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SEOUL — The six-year prison sentence for a U.S. Forces Korea soldier convicted of raping a drunk South Korean teen was upheld by South Korea’s highest court on Thursday, rejecting the soldier’s second and final appeal.

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Dennis Rodman’s bizarre trip to North Korea: Is it also unethical?

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American basketball star Dennis Rodman and several members of the Harlem Globetrotters are in North Korea, where they will film for a forthcoming Vice/HBO program and promote some “basketball diplomacy,” including pick-up games in Pyongyang.

Whatever the trip’s impact, it reminds me of a debate that I’ve heard many times among people who work on issues relating to North Korea: What are the ethical pros and cons of visiting the world’s most oppressive country? Although there is no consensus view and a significant numer of North Korea-watchers say that visiting the country helps to open it up, I most frequently hear experts argue that tourism is unethical because it directly funds and offers free propaganda to the regime.

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You See These Rocks ???!!!

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Check out the 4 videos below– Videos 1 & 2 are NO-NOs! Video 3 is when you must. Video 4 is the correct way to ask, “YOU SEE THESE ROCKS???!!!”

Video 1: Wrong!

Video 2: Wrong!

Video 3: If you must!

Video 4: This is the correct way to ask, “You See These Rocks???!!!”

(The asian guy is Chinese, not Japanese.)

Naked/Stripping Foreigners

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I doubt that they would have tried this bullshit in their home country!


Booze and Poker

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Radius had this up over at Dave’s, so I thought I’d post it here for folks to see.

Here’s a photo of foreigners playing cards and boozing it up on a train.

Booze?, check! Cards?, check! Common sense and decency?, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (long silence and confusion).

지하철 바닥에서 술 마시며 포커…꼴불견 외국인들

* 이 글은 대학생 한정현(21·캐나다 유학 중)씨가 지난 7일 서울 지하철에서 겪은 일을 기자가 취재·정리한 것입니다.

저는 지난 7일 오후 6시 30분경 제가 과외 지도 중인 학생과 영화 보러 옥수역에서 중앙선을 타고 왕십리역으로 가던 중 아주 불쾌한 광경을 목격했습니다. 지하철을 탔는데 한쪽에서 시끄러운 소리가 들렸습니다. 무슨 일이 일어났나 하고 가까이 가보니 외국인 7∼8명이 모여 왁자지껄 노래를 틀어놓고 소란을 피우는 것이었습니다.

게다가 그 중 3∼4명은 아예 지하철 바닥이 안방인 듯 퍼질러 앉아 술까지 마시며 카드놀이를 하고 있는 게 아닙니까. 원래 자기들 좌석에는 가방과 물건들이 놓여 있었습니다. 토요일이지만 저녁 시간이라 주위에는 다른 승객들이 많이 있었는데도 말입니다.

더 화가 나는 것은 승객들이 아무 말도 못 하고 가만히 지켜보고만 있는 것이었습니다. 만약 같은 한국 사람들이 그렇게 모여서 떠들고 있다면, 과연 가만히 있었을까요? 한국 사람들이 영어를 못해서 그랬을지도 모르겠지만 여기는 한국이고 한국에 왔으면 한국 법을 따라야 합니다. 영어를 못하더라도 한국말로 뭐라고 하거나 손짓을 했으면 그 사람들도 자기가 뭘 잘못한 줄 알고 멈췄을 겁니다.

난장판 된 지하철… 아무 말 못 하는 승객들

보다 못한 제가 열차내 ‘긴급센터’에 전화해서 외국인들이 소란 피우고 있다고 했더니 “외국인이요? 알겠습니다”라고 말하고 소란이 난 객차가 어느 칸인지 묻지 않은 채 끊었습니다(코레일 긴급센터 관계자는 당시 상황 처리 여부를 묻는 <오마이뉴스> 기자에게 9일 “기록이 남아있지 않아 확인할 수 없다. 신고전화가 너무 많아 일일이 기록하지 않는다”고 말했습니다).

불과 두 정거장 후에 내려야 했기에 기다릴 수 없어 그 외국인들에게 “지하철 안에서 술까지 마시고 소란을 피우다니… 이게 뭐하는 짓이냐”고 항의했습니다. 그제야 이들은 하나둘 자리에서 일어나 제 자리로 돌아가더군요. 그 와중에 바닥에 앉아 있는 한 명은 제가 내릴 때까지도 저와 말싸움 하며 일어서려 하지 않았습니다.

저는 캐나다에서 5년 동안 유학하고 현재 방학을 맞이해 한국에 와 있습니다. (그 사람들이 캐나다 사람들인지는 모르지만) 캐나다에서 이런 건 엄연한 불법입니다. 어떻게 공공장소에서 대낮에 술 마시면서 아무렇지도 않게 시민들에게 피해를 주는 걸까요.

이건 정말 잘못된 행동입니다. 옆에 있던 초등학교 5학년 학생이 무슨 생각을 했겠습니까? 외국인이라고 무서워하지 말고 할 말은 할 줄 아는 시민사회가 형성되어야 합니다. 또한 외국인들도 우리나라의 문화를 배우며 에티켓을 따를 줄 알아야 합니다.

( * 이 외국인들이 혹시 지난 주말 큰 음악페스티벌이 열렸던 양평을 가던 길은 아니었는지 모르겠습니다. 그러다 보니 기분을 내려고 했던 건지도 모르지요. 그러나 행사와는 관계없는 수많은 사람들이 타는 공공시설에서 이런 소란을 피우는 건 비판받아 마땅하다고 생각합니다.)