Anger of wartime sex slaves haunts Japan and South Korea

Women forced into working in frontline military brothels keep up pressure on Japan for direct compensation for war ordeal

Kang Il-chul was 16 when Japanese military police arrived at her home in South Korea and told her she was being conscripted. The year was 1943, and her country was just two years away from liberation after 35 years of brutal Japanese colonial rule.

Kang spent the remainder of the war in occupied China, as one of tens of thousands of Asian women forced to have sex with Japanese soldiers in frontline, makeshift brothels. “I was put in a tiny room and made to sleep with about 10 to 20 soldiers a day,” says Kang, pausing to display the scars on her head – the result of frequent beatings by the military police. “I was punched and beaten so much that my body was covered in bruises. I still get headaches.”

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South Korea lifts ban on Marquis de Sade novel

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South Korea has reconsidered a ban on the Marquis de Sade novel 120 Days of Sodom, one month after it was translated into Korean.

It’s been more than 220 years since de Sade published his tale of four French libertines engaged in orgies, pedophilia and rape. However, his writing still sparks moral debate. The graphic descriptions of sexual perversion and murder in 120 Days of Sodom were penned while de Sade was in prison in 1785. The book remained unpublished in any language until 1904.

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20 September 2012:

Sade’s 1785 novel banned in Korea



Sade’s 1785 novel banned in Korea

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The Korean-language translation of French writer Marquis de Sade’s 1785 novel, “The 120 Days of Sodom,” has been officially banned in Korea, for its “extremely violent” and “disturbing” sexual content. It is the second time that the book, dealing with orgies and torture, has been banned by the government.

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Controversial Korean Oreo Ad Leaked

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Update: Uncensored

A controversial advertisement from South Korea of a baby holding an Oreo while breastfeeding may have two slips — an exposed nipple and a leaked ad never meant for public distribution.

The ad shows the mother’s breast and her nipple is partially exposed. Oreo’s slogan, “Milk’s Favorite Cookie,” is shown at the bottom of the ad — pun obviously intended.

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