Safety certificates for reactor components forged

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South Korea’s main nuclear power supervisor extended an investigation into forged safety certificates for reactor components to three more facilities on Tuesday, a day after shutting down two reactors.

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Former Red-Light District and Foreign Ghetto Draws Hip Crowds

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When chef Kwon Wu-jung, who owns restaurants in Manhattan and Tokyo’s Roppongi, was planning his Korean branch last year, only one Seoul district would do.

Anger of wartime sex slaves haunts Japan and South Korea

Women forced into working in frontline military brothels keep up pressure on Japan for direct compensation for war ordeal

Kang Il-chul was 16 when Japanese military police arrived at her home in South Korea and told her she was being conscripted. The year was 1943, and her country was just two years away from liberation after 35 years of brutal Japanese colonial rule.

Kang spent the remainder of the war in occupied China, as one of tens of thousands of Asian women forced to have sex with Japanese soldiers in frontline, makeshift brothels. “I was put in a tiny room and made to sleep with about 10 to 20 soldiers a day,” says Kang, pausing to display the scars on her head – the result of frequent beatings by the military police. “I was punched and beaten so much that my body was covered in bruises. I still get headaches.”

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Korea Defends Use of Rubber Bullets on Chinese Fishermen

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The Korean Coast Guard on Wednesday defended the use of rubber bullets after one illegal Chinese fisherman was killed during a raid. It said the man, identified as Jiang (44), was among Chinese fishermen who were brandishing knives and other weapons to stop commandos from boarding their vessel.

Jiang died after a rubber bullet hit him in the chest on Monday.

“It was an accident that occurred in the justified execution of the law,” said Kang Sung-hee, head of Coast Guard in Mokpo. “There is no change in our policy of dealing firmly with armed resistance.”

Another Coast Guard officer said, “Even though they know that maritime police carry guns, many Chinese fishermen put up fierce resistance to arrest. The latest accident involved a rubber bullet, but maritime police have no choice but to use them and can even use pistols if necessary.”

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S Korea detains 23 Chinese fishermen in coast guard spat

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TREACHEROUS WATERS:Coast guard officers said the fishermen attacked them as their boats were seized for illegal fishing, resulting in one death

South Korea’s coast guard yesterday said it was holding 23 Chinese fishermen in custody for questioning after a violent clash in the Yellow Sea that left one Chinese crew member dead.

The coast guard seized two 93-tonne vessels on Tuesday and towed them to the southwestern port of Mokpo after an operation against about 30 Chinese trawlers it said were fishing illegally in South Korean waters.

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North Korea Public Execution

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The blurry film – apparently from a hidden camera – appeared to show one man being shot in Yuson town near the border with China on March 2, 2005. The condemned faced the firing squad shortly after a brief trial in which a judge found him guilty of trying to cross into China and smuggle others there.

Three gunmen each fired one shot at the prisoner who was tied to a pole.

Another female defendent was sentenced to10 years of labor camp.

The video was carried out of North Korea by several defectors. It was filmed by unnamed residents of the Stalinist state.

It decided to publicize the tape after determining witness accounts of the executions matched the images captured on film, the statement said.

A Seoul-based group called the Commission to Help North Korean Refugees said last month that North Korea had executed 70 defectors who were captured in China and sent home to discourage its citizens from fleeing the country.

The number of people fleeing North Korea decreased drastically following the executions, the group said.

A trickle of defectors from the communist North has swelled into a steady flow in recent years as more attempt to flee hunger and political repression in their homeland. Nearly 1,900 North Koreans defected to the South last year, an increase of almost 50 percent from the year before.

More than 100,000 North Koreans are living or hiding in China, the Commission to Help North Korean Refugees has estimated.

Police to crack down on foreign criminals

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By Lee Hyo-sik

Police said Sunday they will set up special units tasked to deal with foreign criminals as part of measures to prevent possible terrorist attacks ahead of the Nuclear Security Summit, scheduled for March 26 and 27 in Seoul.

The National Police Agency (NPA) said more officers will be deployed to Itaewon and other areas in and around Seoul where many foreigners reside. They will gather intelligence on foreign gang members and apprehend potential terrorists who may attempt to disrupt the upcoming nuclear summit.

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