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Filed under: Animal Shelters, Fostering, Info, Pets If you live in Sillim-dong (or close), please help the poster below from CL. I do not know this person. I do know that s/he could use your help, if you’re in a position to assist. It looks like they are being T-boned by their landlord. Thank you.



Posted: 2013-01-26, 10:41PM KST

Hi All,

I have been told by the owner of my studio apartment that I have 3 days to get rid of my dog or I will get kicked out of my apartment.

I adopted Jarvis when he was 6 weeks old as I wanted to give him a clean and safe environment to grow up in. I am a dog lover and had 2 dogs when I was back in my country! Jarvis is a Japanese Spitz dog who is now nearing 9 months old, I have pictures of him and you may request for them in your e-mail.

My HUGE problem now is that even though I negotiated with the owner to give me up till 5th Feb to find a solution, she has now SUDDENLY changed her mind and wants me and/or Jarvis out asap.

Jarvis does not bark(he’s quiet except for e little wining to get things he wants!~), he’s very clean and well taken care of and has all his required shots etc etc……….

He does tear up his pee pad if he is left alone at home in his area for too long, but that’s about his only problem.

Jarvis and I need to buy some time for me to find a new tenant to replace me so that I can get back my key deposit of a large amount. Only then will be able to find a new home where I can move in.

I suspect it will take up to 2 months to do that, SO I NEED help for temporary home for my Jarvis. Preferably someone who has more experience with puppies and understand their needs and behaviours.

I hope some kind soul will be able to help us as putting him in a pet hotel will really cost me a bomb.

If you require any further information, please do email me.

Thanks in advance.

  • Location: Sillim, Seoul
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Posted: 2013-01-26, 10:41PM KST

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