“. . . weird having that great voice coming out of an asian.”

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ajosshi.com: 19 January 2011, 6:29 A. M.

“no offence but it just looks weird having that great voice coming out of an asian man.” –AJBoutilier,  1 year ago(youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJjNYOAZb1M)

Without a doubt, that comment is not only racist, but based upon centuries of ignorant and malicious stereotypes of Asians in popular media. The truly sad part is that this way of thinking is so ingrained in society that some do not even know that they are displaying qualities of a racist. If the commenter had only taken the word “great” out of their comment, it would still have been ignorant, but acceptable. I think it’s just amazing that a voice like that comes out of anyone!

Found the above-noted comment on the youtube video that consoleman @ Korean Sentry linked to from his post: “What happened to the Chinkees?”

Broken promises/Fat lies

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If you love animals AND are in a position to help, please help this bamboozled ESL teacher and his/her little doggie (It’s not for me, it’s for the person who posted the message below). It looks like this ESL teacher specifically requested housing that was okay with pets, but sounds like the landlord is now having a sh#t fit and EVICTING the little doggie. Looks like some #@*% lied for a quick buck.

I wrote to this person to assist in any way I could, but have not heard back. Hope s/he did not do anything rash.

From CL (Pets):

Photos: http://seoul.craigslist.co.kr/pet/2101419647.html
comm-fqgyu-2101419647@craigslist.org  (Contact info)

I shouldnt be writing this until I am more emotionally stable, but I feel like my dog (one of the most stable things in my life) is being ripped out of my life and I am completely powerless to it.
I have two dogs. I jsut moved to a new city with a new apt. I havent even been here two weeks yet and the landlord stormed my apt today afterwork saying the dogs have to go. No reason except he is an ******* and fears theyll shed and is unhappy about having to mop his god damn halls twice a day now.

Obvisoulsy, my school wont help me (they signed a contract) and my recruitment agency is suggesting I BUY another apt to keep them in. I cannot afford that.

In a storm of incomprehensible screaming and tears the ******* said I can keep one dog. (He is oblivious to my cat.). This kills me because I TOLD MY R.AGENCY THAT I NEEDED AN APT THAT ALLOWS PETS BEFORE I SIGNED A CONTRACT!. I get the OK and now I am here, signed into a year contract and forced to give up one of my babies.

And tehre is nothing I can do.

So I am here, pleading with some sweet dog loving soul, who wants a dog for just a year while they are here. Who want a dog but dont want to take the dog home to their country afterwards, to foster my dog for me. I had planned to take all three pets home with me. My adopted dog and cat lived comfortably for a year in paju city before I moved to this new school. I cant imagine my life (my life after Korea, my life with a backyard) without both of them.

If you can foster them until you are already to go home again. Please let me know.

i dont know how to put pics up, but message me!
she is almost a year old. king charles cavalier spaniel.

I need someone’s help.

ESL Documentary

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Greetings . . .

We’re currently interviewing ESL teachers in Korea for a documentary about teaching ESL in Korea. 

If you’d like to be interviewed or participate in the production, please contact us at info@ajosshi.com.

Thank you