Court finds gang rape of 12-year-old to be not so serious

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US regrets soldier’s alleged rape of Korean girl

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US regrets soldier’s alleged rape of Korean woman girl

Photos of the self-confessed rapist (Korean Sentry)

Update: 5 Oct. 2011, The self-confessed rapist claimed that he was drunk and can’t remember what exactly happend, but now there is proof that he followed the female Korean teen to her apartment. When the rapist got to the female’s apartment, he verified that she was the only one in the apartment by looking for female shoes, before going on his sexually charged and violent rampage on the Korean teen.

There is also proof that the female Korean teen valiantly fought to keep this from happening, but was over-powered by the rapist.

Update: 1 Oct. 2011, The self-confessed rapist is now in the custody of the Korean police.

I’d like to note that Korea is not capable, i.e., it doesn’t have the balls, to try and properly sentence serious crimes by foreigners. In its pursuit to be accepted by the world, it has thrown its own people under the bus. The policy makers in Korea should be ashamed of themselves. Simply put, they are cowards! –

Update: 30 Sept. 2011, 9:03AM, KST
(This update is based on research done by

The perp, “K,” a U.S. Army private, has admitted to making forcible entry into the Korean woman’s apartment, at approximately 4 A.M.. He trapped her in her apartment, then proceeded to beat her with a sharp object, while raping her, over and over, for the next several hours. The Korean woman, now believed to be 17, suffered severe lacerations to her body.

29 Sept. 2011
WASHINGTON (Yonhap) — The U.S. government on Wednesday vowed full cooperation in the investigation into an alleged rape by an American soldier of a young Korean woman near a military base north of Seoul, according to the South Korean Embassy in Washington.

Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Kurt Campbell telephoned Amb. Han Duck-soo hours after a news report that the 21-year-old Army private, assigned to the 2nd Infantry Division in Dongducheon, had raped the 18-year-old woman at around 4 a.m. Saturday.

She was watching television in her rented room in downtown Dongducheon, where several military bases are located, according to investigators.

Police identified the soldier through a closed-circuit television camera installed near the room and informed the U.S. military of the case.

After turning himself in to police, the soldier was quoted as saying that he can’t remember exactly what happened as he was drunk.
Police sent the case to prosecutors.

Campbell expressed regret over the incident in his conversation with the ambassador, the embassy said in a press release.

The assistant secretary also said “the U.S. government will closely cooperate with the South Korean government for thorough investigation into this case,” it added.

Valedictorian Speaks Out Against School

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Are we creating punch card students?

Seoul Rants & Raves

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This was written by some random poster on CL. Below his rant, you’ll find a reply to his rant.

The real Korea (Seoul)
So many things are wrong with this country, I have no idea where to even begin. For one, this country is nothing like what it advertises to the outside world. These people want you to believe that they’re all so ‘clean’ and ‘pure,’ when 90% of the time, you see them smoking, drinking, getting into random “fights” (I put quotes around that, because they really have no clue how to fight, unless you count 9 yr old TKD Black Belts), or doing something else completely stupid and unusual. Don’t even bother trying to eat at an authentic Korean restaurant. . .unless of course, you are willing to spend nearly $30 just to sit on the floor and eat some still-boiling soup with lukewarm rice on the side. Or hey, maybe you like that. Maybe you also like the 10+ side-dishes that come with each meal, 4 of which include spicy cabbage, boasted proudly by the locals as Kim’chi, the so-called “healthiest food in the world.” Maybe, they’re on to something there; maybe it is the healthiest food after all. I mean, how else can you smoke 19 hours a day, drink 7 days a week, drive on these roads, and still live to be 120 years old, or at the very least look it? This brings me to another topic: Korean drivers. Ever wonder why the rest of the world sees Asians as such terrible drivers? Well, you can thank Korea for that. Red lights are practically ignored here, if not treated as mere suggestions by the already corrupt government.

Cops don’t even care, they’re either dickin around on the sidewalk playing Star Wars with their riot shields, or they’re sitting comfortably in their little booths, watching the latest game show. I have never known a country where it’s not even safe to walk on the sidewalk, without the possibility of being run over by a motor vehicle. Bad enough these people don’t think enough to drive a motor scooter in the street, but even worse when you see kids being run over by buses while still on the sidewalk! Seriously, watch your ass when walking here: some Korean might come and run it right over. Oh, and you will be paying for any ‘damages’ done to his bike. Why? Because you’re not Korean, and therefore inferior in their eyes. These people complain that the rest of the world (AKA, China and Japan to them) is so horrid and racist, while the very South Korean flag is meant to resemble their so-called “pure and clean” race. Tell me, what’s so “pure” about having at least 10 brothels and massage parlors on each street? There’s one down the block from a school, one next to a restaurant, hell even one right in front of a church! I guess that’s “clean” to them, considering how much of a shithole the country itself is. Even on days where I literally touch nothing, I still feel the need for a full-body cleanse after walking around in this filth of a nation. Trash everywhere, dogs wondering around shitting everywhere, people spitting every square inch, it’s honestly disgusting. As if that weren’t bad enough, there’s also a smoking pandemic sweeping this outcrop. No matter where you go, you will encounter at least 5 clouds of 1st Grade tobacco smoke. Everyone from the oldest member of the family, to the skinniest, palest teenager smokes at least 5 cartons a day of that stuff.

It Does you no good to sit in a ‘non-smoking’ section of an establishment, because you’ll still come out wreaking of cigarettes. “Oh, but we have a fan here, that’ll disperse smoke.” Like hell, Kim Hu-Kares. You have 1 fan vs. about 50 smokers, what the hell do you think that is going to do? Oh, but you don’t care; just as long as you can sit on your ass and get wasted on Soju all damned night, other people could drop dead right in front of you. Yet another problem with this shithole: alcohol. Sure, everyone wants a little drink here or there, but Korea, why do your ‘pure’ people get piss-wasted EVERY night? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen grown, drunk men pissing on the sidewalk, or being carted off by their friends. Hell, even grown men AND women turning over tables and fighting one another over some BS. You’re supposed to be a “peace-loving” people, yet all you do is fight with yourselves. Oh, but I see: after getting your asses handed to you by both Japan AND North Korea, you’ve become reclusive. Too afraid to fight other countries, so you fight yourselves to pass time. You’ve done nothing to contribute to the world around Korea. Yes, you had a war, and yes, you were occupied from 1910-1945 by the Japanese. Now though, it’s time you grow the fuck up as a country. Stop bitching about what Japan did, and what you think China plans to do. Those are countries that are busy making themselves worthy of staying in this world, and receiving American trade. Don’t lie, you know it’s true. Japan has contributed electronics, technology, quality entertainment (such as anime, games, manga, etc) and shared their culture with the world, in spite of their humiliating defeat over half a century ago. China has gone through reforms and wise trading, coupled with pinpoint commerce and outright hard work, and as a result is on the threshold of becoming a world superpower, that will rival that of even America. Korea, what have you done? Sat on your asses playing StarCraft and eating cabbage all day? Is that your biggest achievement these past 60+ years you’ve had your ‘independence?’ All that crying “go home Yankee” BS has gotten very old and outdated. Let’s be honest, if the big-bad Yankees did go home, you’d lose everything. Either the Northerners would rush right in and clean your clock, or the Japanese would come back and finish what they started. You have no culture of your own, as you do nothing but steal elements from China, Japan, and even America, the so-called big-bad “yankee.” You only lost about 7 million during the Japanese occupation, whereas China lost 37 million. Compared to them, your loss was nothing but a dwarf. Do you hear the Chinese crying constantly, and being angry at the country that saved them from Japanese rule as well? No, you don’t. In my opinions, we Americans should leave and let you get curb-stomped by your enemies yet again. At least this time, you’d develop your own culture instead of stealing others, and hell, maybe even make something of yourselves, instead of just a bunch of angry, corrupt, cabbage-eating, college shooting, international no-names, still lagging behind even Mexico in your economic development.

Response from another random poster:
I started reading your shit fine until i read your rant unti the part Japan having
“such as anime, games, manga, etc”i bet that’s all the culture you know about japan the ridiculus otaku LOLZ.

You know, im glad you’re bitching about Korea since you are just an average

err sorry below average intelligence American who’s getting paid a lot more then he deserves :) If you would have a great job in the US, why the fuck stay in Korea?


and yeah Korea is not the third world country by anymeans so your rant was quite hilarious.

“”" You only lost about 7 million during the Japanese occupation, whereas China lost 37 million. Compared to them, your loss was nothing but a dwarf. Do you hear the Chinese crying constantly, and being angry at the country that saved them from Japanese rule as well? No, you don’t. “”

Um…ok yeah sure. I can’t win an argument when someone is just retarded and thoughtless so I’m not gunna quote news and chinese bitching about Japan.

So if you hate Korea this much, why don’t you go to Japan and enjoy the glorious sex dolls they provide?

Why staying in Korea?

oh right, Japan actually has stricter qualifications in order to become a teacher, instead of Korea where you can get a job if you have two(or even one) brain cell(s).

Quit crying. I bet you graduated college in a shitty LA major and couldn’t find job in the US and then complains about Korea since you wish you deserve more.

You deserve what you earn moron, didn’t your mom tell you that or is she 6 feel underalready or is she selling pussies by the bulk in Itaewon?

Large Cage (Comes w/ Mentally-Disturbed Bunny) (Bundang (Ori))

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Found this gem on CL.

Date: 2011-08-27, 12:39AM KST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

Per Craigslist no-pets rule, please keep in mind that the item for free here is the cage. It just so happens that there is a rabbit inside. “Bunny!”–the name I shout at him when he’s doing flips in his cage at two o’clock in the morning–is a very lovable black and white rabbit. He’s six months old. I’m pretty sure he’s a boy, but you may want to double-check on that.

While I am exaggerating about his mental condition, he certainly is quirky. And there are some things you must understand about him: 1) he likes to pee on people, 2) he likes to eat electronics, and 3) he loves techno music.

I have to move to a new place–otherwise I would keep him. I’ve had him for about four months, and I hate to part ways, but I want him to have a good home.

Location: Bundang (Ori)
it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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I would like to fight a butch lesbian

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This is from the Rants & Raves section of the Seoul CL. “I” in the title is the person who posted this in Seoul CL, not me. Just to be clear for anyone that may get confused, I ( did not write this.

Date: 2011-08-16, 1:53AM KST
here me out here

You’ve seen them.

They look like bob vila.

They try to dress like a man.

They try to talk like a man.

In fact, they would do ANYTHING to be like a man.

How would they fight though?

Hear me out here.

Since when did being a man just be about how you look/act and talk?

Being a man is not only those things, but its about his bravery and willingness to stand up and fight if he has to.

SOmetimes guys fight.

When was the last time you saw one of these butch dykes scrapping with a dude? Never.

So i say fuckem. They want to be a man, so effing be it. Lets throw down. If you beat my ass and leave me bloody, so effin be it. I’ll take a hit and go down, but at the same time, you’ll have to earn your right to pretend you’ve got a dick, you worthless cunt.

So to all the butch dykes out there that DON’T read this, fuck you bitch. I could care less about whatever ugly ass, confused, daddy-touched-me ho with a hairy/nasty bush you’ve got. Take her.

Just don’t try to be me.

Being a man is harder than it looks and it carries a hazard that you can’t cover with a flannel shirt and baseball cap.

Thats it.

it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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Happy Chuseok

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