China-NK economic ties benefit S. Korea

June 26, 2012 by admin
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Growing economic cooperation between China and North Korea could lead to the latter’s economic reform and eventual opening up of its economy to the outside world, experts said.

“(South Korea) doesn’t have to look at the strengthening economic relationship between Beijing and Pyongyang only as a threat since China is doing something South Korea cannot do. It is pushing North Korea to opening up its economy,” said Kwon Young-kyong, a professor at the state-run Education Center for Unification, during an interview with The Korea Times, Tuesday. “The joint economic zones are becoming similar to that of special economic zones in China.”

Won Dong-wook, a professor at Dong-A University, echoed Kwon’s remarks: “China is trying to implement its style of economic reform in North Korea,” said Won. “It is utilizing economic benefits rather than political pressure to push for change.”

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