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What’s a goshiwon? It’s a housing unit that is smaller than an officetel*, but considerably larger than a shoe box (but not by much).

If your boss in Korea offers you a unit in a goshiwon, it’s best to pass on the offer. However, it may be a good fit for a person that spends most of their waking hours out and about. Make sure to be fairly compensated, if you do decide to call one your home for the next year.

Watch the video below for a complete explanation, but do know that the one in the video is a high-end unit. Low-end units usually have a communal bath (2nd video).

Here’s one with a communal bath

*An officetel is a unit in an office building with both business and housing units. They are much smaller than an apartment in the States, with everything but the bathroom in the same room.


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