Late leader’s grandson longs for one Korea

October 19, 2012 by admin
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IN a rare and remarkable interview posted on YouTube, the teenage grandson of late North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has provided a glimpse into the secretive world of his country’s ruling dynasty.

During the interview conducted at the school in Bosnia where he studies, Kim Han-sol, nephew of current leader Kim Jong-un, refers to his uncle as “a dictator” and speaks of his wish to “make things better” for the Korean people.

Sporting black-frame glasses, two studs in his left ear and a fashionable haircut, Kim also talks of his close friendships with South Korean and US students and his hopes for the Korean peninsula’s reunification. (AFP)

Kim Han-sol interviewed by Elisabeth Rehn (1/2)

Kim Han-sol interviewed by Elisabeth Rehn (2/2)


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