5 Things Every man needs to know about women (Globally)

November 28, 2012 by admin
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Ajosshi.com: Found this in the Los Angeles-CL’s R & R.
5 Things Every man needs to know about women (Globally)
Date: 2012-11-27, 12:40PM PST

DISCLAIMER: This list primarily applies to American and other western women. Women from cultures that have embraced community and tradition, such as South America and Eastern Europe, do not typically show these negative traits.

1) Women will never love you like you want them to, or like you love them. This is the hardest thing for men to accept: women will never love you for you – they merely love you for what you can do for them – the kids, the house, the cars, the paychecks, the security, the social status – the moment you are no longer useful, they discard you. This is not love, it’s self-gratification.

2) Women have no respect for contracts, agreements, commitments, or any other binding conditions. The fact that they file over 70% of all divorces, often less than 2 years after swearing to honor and obey til death, should be proof enough of this obvious flaw in women’s character.

3) Women secretly do not want to work. Even the hard charging college and career gals are only doing it so they will be in proximity to higher status males, from which to choose mates. There is ample documentation on the fact that women typically rack up huge amounts of college debt to gratify their ego with a degree and screw dozens of guys at school. Then they stop working just a few years into their career – the moment they snare their high-earning male. Woe to the man who assumes that if he marries a career girl, she’ll be a financial contributor long term.

4) Women secretly hate men. It’s the penis envy and the feminism. It drives this low-level competitive loathing for men. They really are jealous of the fact that men have accomplished everything worth doing in the history of MANkind, except giving birth to children. They have been brainwashed to think their inferiority is due to an oppressive patriarchy, and they despise men because of it. Even though, fifty years after women’s empowerment, they are still not becoming engineers and scientists in big numbers, women cannot connect obvious patterns.

5) Women play for “team woman”, while men play for no team. Any slight against a woman is a slight against “the sisterhood” and they will rise up to shame, censor, and ban you. Women feel far more solidarity to each other than men do. Often, men known as white knights and manginas, play for team women as well, in the mistaken belief that it will get them laid. Because of this, the vast majority of western society has set itself squarely against the rights of white men.

This is from a guy who has been around, seen it all with eyes wide open, observed hundreds of other cases. Ignore at your own peril.

If you want a quality wife and mother for your children, better start boning up on your Spanish, Thai, or Russian.


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