Woman calls police . . . is beaten, raped, filleted, and chopped up while waiting for the police to arrive

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Please read from the bottom of this post. It has been updated several times.

Update: 6:05 A. M., Korea Standard Time, 11 April 2012

Here are a few lies the Suwon police have been caught in:

–We responded within minutes.

Police responded 13 hrs. later. Additionally, when the victim’s sister reported her missing, she was told to go to the local fire station and get the location of her last call, if she does not want to get her sister killed (source–victim’s uncle).

–The emergency call was only a few seconds long.

They changed their story and said that it is 2 minutes. When reporters asked for a copy of the tape, they said it is 4 minutes long. Asked for the details of the last 2 minutes, they said it was silence. It was more than 6 minutes long. The “silence” part is of the dispatcher listening to the killer beating and tying her up. The dispatcher later said he thought it was only rape.

–We dispatched officers within mintues of the call.

The dispatcher did not call officers as they were sleeping. The closest car was about 30 meters or 100 feet from the victim.

–We couldn’t find her because the victim’s directions weren’t detailed enough.

Reporters, using the victim’s directions, were able to find it in about a minute.

–The caller is a prostitute that tried to rip-off the killer.

When asked where they got this information, they said that they got it from their investigation. Pressed further, they said this piece of information came from the killer.

ajosshi.com: Even if she were, it makes no difference.

–When asked to review the CCTV tapes for any evidence, they said that there was nothing out of the ordinary.

What they failed to do was to watch the whole thing. It clearly shows, even in the portion that they did watch, a man beating and dragging a woman. They see nothing out of the ordinary? They should just fuck off! After reviewing the whole tape, the killer is seen ambushing the victim from behind. Nothing out of the ordinary?

–We only searched outside of homes because that’s what the victim said.


In the audio of the emergency call from the victim, the victim says that she’s inside with the door locked. The dispatcher even repeats this (read the transcript below). Another spokesperson for the Suwon police said that they did not want to disturb neighbors. This statement contradicts their first claim.

ajosshi.com: Sorry to say, but I’m sure this list will grow.


Update: 4:14 A. M., Korea Standard Time, 10 April 2012

Abduction video (watch the 2nd video, if this video is slow or does not load)

Update: 6:24 A. M., 9 April 2012, Korea Standard Time

Audio of call to 112 (911 emergency service):


Even if you don’t understand Korean well enough to comprehend everything that’s being said, please listen to the call. You can tell that the police dispatcher escalates the fear the victim feels with his callous tone and stupid, time-wasting questions (are you being raped?, you are telling me you are being raped? , etc. ). As soon as he got the call asking for help, he should have dispatched cars, then done his very best to comfort her.

Also, I transcribed and translated the audio of the call. The versions that I found by the local press were superficial and toned-down.


Female newscaster:  “Can we trust cops like these?” (i.e., callous, inept, dishonest, etc.)

Dispatcher: “It’s 112 Police, please speak.” (That’s the literal translation. What the dispatcher is saying is, “911 Emergency, Describe the nature of your call.”)

 Victim: “I’m before the  Motgol playground. I’m being raped.”

Dispatcher: “Motgol playground?”

Victim: “Yes, Motgol playground.” It’s before the playground, but I don’t know which house it is.”

Dispatcher: “Jidong [school]?”

Victim: “Yes, past Jidong school, a gate, before you get to the playground.”

Dispatcher: “Teacher, I will try and locate you through your phone.” (Koreans commonly address strangers as ”teacher” when they speak with a person they do not know. It’s a way of addressing a stranger with respect.)

Victim: “Yesssssssssssss.”

Dispatcher: “You are being raped?”

Dispatcher: “You are being raped?”

Victim: “Yes, yessssssss.”

Dispatcher: “Don’t you know the exact location?”

Victim: “From the Jidong school, it’s before you get to the Motgol playground.”

Dispatcher: “From the Jidong school. . . .?”

Victim: “Before you get to the playground.”

Dispatcher: “Who?” “Who’s doing this?”

Victim: “Some ajosshi, ajosshi. Hurry, please. Hurry, please. Ajosshi (adressing the dispatcher), hurry, please. Hurry. “

Dispatcher: “How do you know this person?” (Dispatcher barks this question)

Victim: “He’s an ajosshi that I do not know.” (Victim is now crying)

Dispatcher: “How did you get in?” (Asking about the front door)

Victim: “I have the door locked.”

Dispatcher: “You have the door locked?”

Victim: “I, briefly, when the ajosshi (perp) went out, during that time, door, locked it.”

Audio:  door being broken

Dispatcher: Would you tell me, again, about the entrance to that place?”

Audio: Loud slam, door busted.

Victim: “I did wrong, ajosshi, I did wrong.” (Perp is now in the same room.)

Dispatcher: “Hello, please tell me your address again.”

–end of call

Commentator (male voice):

They (police) claim that they dispatched cars within 4 mintues, but could not locate the place. The neighbors have confirmed that the police were not around until the next morning. This confirms that the police did not respond for 13 hours. No cars were ever dispatched after the call by the victim.

We (news station) drove up from the school (on the way to playground) and found the location. It was very obvious the police were/are lying and trying to cover this up.

ajosshi.com: If the cops would have started at the Jidong school, then driven 60 meters, they would have found the locked gate the victim described.  


 Update: 9 April 2012, 3:38 P. M., Korea Standard Time

Perp has now confessed to the killing.

He is claiming that the victim was  a prostitute that tried to rip him off, so that’s why he killed her.


Update: 8 April 2012, 08:38 A. M., Korea Standard Time

Perp’s hobbies (source: police): Alcohol, Brothels, and On-line porn

Victim: 28, College grad (worked and paid her own way), Worked at a factory, Was walking home when she was abducted

The perp claims that he did not know the victim. 



A woman calls the police for help, lets them know that she is being held against her will, and gives them the location. Instead of sending help, the police want to know who this man is and how she met him. This exchange goes on for 4 minutes.

13 hours later, they decide to dispatch a car. The police found the woman beaten, raped, filleted, and chopped up.

Now the police have been caught trying to cover this up.

Here’s the English version: Police can’t save woman after she calls with location


They need to change that article. It should read: Police WON’T save woman after she calls with location


Perp (42)

Married with 2 kids, construction laborer from China (ethnic Korean)


The victim described the entrance gate to the police and told them that it was locked.


He had enough time to get bags from the store  and clean up.


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